Revolutionizing Commercial Real Estate Investment

Break barriers. Expand opportunities. Reduce risk.

Access the world’s largest asset class.

Traditionally, commercial real estate projects—and the returns they yield—are limited to institutional and high-net worth investors. Cut out from the big deals, average investors are left with pre-selected real estate pools and funds, or exposure to extreme risk in direct property purchases.

Realty Raise connects highly vetted real estate sponsors with proven track records to pre-approved investors at all levels—and provides investors a centralized tool to assess, select, and manage their own portfolios.

Realty Raise expands access, connecting investors to deals and sponsors to capital.

Access larger, more balanced investments.

With Realty Raise, investors select the commercial real estate projects that fit their goals—creating and balancing their own portfolios. Our diverse range of opportunities draws from each major class of commercial real estate, connecting savvy investors with specific projects.


Balanced risk across multiple units yields consistent cash flow.


Steady rents provide a strong hedge against market volatility.


Lower ongoing capital costs and long-term leases offer stability.


Careful selection and oversight pay off in higher income potential.


Demographic factors insulate from normal boom and bust cycles.